Integrating the Sendinblue Shopify plugin with your Shopify store comes with numerous advantages. For one, Shopify is the main e-commerce platform with many available integrations. Some of the common perks that come with the Sendinblue plugin include effective email and SMS campaigns, improved email deliverability as well as monitored detailed metrics to track customer activity.

With the Sendinblue Shopify plugin, you can automatically synchronize your Shopify opt-in contacts making your searches, segmentation, and contact targeting easier. The plugin also allows you to use a professional SMTP to send your Shopify confirmations as their optimal deliverability ensures your emails make it to your customer inboxes. Yet, deliverability is not all you enjoy. 

You can also use its intuitive and strong email builder to create highly engaging emails from scratch. Plus, emails are not all you can send. You can also use the plugin to send marketing and transactional text messages from your back office, giving your business multiple channels to interact with your customer.

As the business continues, you can also enjoy the perks of real time statistics by accessing data on your customer activities including open and click rates. Below, you will find a detailed outline of how you can further enjoy features that the Sendinblue Shopify plugin offers. If you are impressed, check out the how-to guideline so you can also integrate your store with the Sendinblue plugin to enjoy full email marketing and reach your customers more.

Sendinblue Shopify Plugin Key Features

To make usage easier, the Sendinblue plugin is available in English and Spanish. Beyond this, they bring with practical and useful features. The Sendinblue plugin is also available at no extra cost. 

Contact Syncing

The Sendinblue plugin automatically syncs your new customers to make it easy to manage them and segment your lists for more coverage. Ultimately, this creates a pleasant customer experience for your clients as you can manage to engage them all. With its improved marketing automation, the Sendinblue plugin allows you to sort users into contact lists. 

You can also update particular attributes based on their activity on your website or email. You can then use these attributes for better marketing and advertising for example, on Facebook or other retargeting campaigns. This doesn't only retain a long lasting relationship with your customers but also helps to draw in more customers.

Attribute Mapping

As mentioned above, the Shopify Sendinblue plugin also features attribute mapping. Using this plugin, you are presented with a threshold of a highly effective tool for analyzing and assessing your customer niche and target. 

The Sendinblue attribute mapping feature allows you to gauge your customer needs and to make the necessary adjustments. Think of it as a simplified reporting on your existing and potential customers’ reactions to your product or service. To make the mapping even better, the Sendinblue plugin even supports Boolean attribute mapping.

Single/Double Opt-In Confirmations And Form Building

The Sendinblue plugin also works with Shopify default forms. You have the option to offer your customers single or double opt-in confirmation. A single opt-in confirmation email, for example, allows you to open it and click on the confirmation button. 

A single email address is sufficient for the single opt-in confirmation. With the double opt-in confirmation, your customer can fill out your form and submit it online, wait for a confirmation email and confirm again. The design process for your Shopify forms is endless when using the Sendinblue plugin. Form building can be completed within minutes with the drag and drop form builder.

You can also choose to use different colors, add images, and create brand-friendly texts in the forms. Add as many fields to collect the information you want from your customer. When it comes to opting in, you can also give your customers the choice to receive different types of emails using checkboxes on each list.

Behavior Tracking

Furthermore, you can also track the effectiveness of your email marketing and marketing automation by looking at real-time data and statistics.

Some of the key data you can access on your statistical reports include;
Total sent 

  • Total recipients
  • Open rates
  • Click rates
  • Click to open rates
  • Unsubscribed total
  • Total soft and hard bounce rates
  • Domain metrics
  • Total and new conversions 
  • Total revenue

After accessing the campaign reports, you can also download your PDF copy or export the data of your campaign in CSV format or share it with your email. 

How To Set Up The Integration

The Shopify plugin installation is quite easy and straightforward. We assume that you already have a Sendinblue account. If you don't have one yet, please create a free Sendinblue plan and then follow the steps below. The plugin will sync all your data without any highly technical external intervention needed. 

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The integration set up process has 4 key steps and will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Install the Sendinblue Shopify Plugin on your Shopify store
  2. Go to the Sendinblue Shopify Plugin and install the app.
  1. Grant access to your Sendinblue account
  1. Activate the plugin within your Sendinblue dashboard
  1. Enable the Features you want

  1. Each feature: Contact Sync, Subscription confirmation and Behavior tracking need to be enabled individually.

After Set Up

After set up, below are the activities you can engage in;

  • Choose from 65 different template design layouts
  • Create and personalize email and SMS campaigns
  • Send out A/B tests, and autoresponder messages
  • Automated transaction emails including receipts and purchase confirmations
  • Create single/double opt-in and pot-out forms with advanced features such as captcha verification 
  • Preview campaign emails before sending them out
  • Manage soft and hard email bounces
  • List management and segmentation based on user demographics, behavior and lead scores
  • Review reports on website activity 
  • Access to live chat, online messaging and phone support

Sendinblue Shopify Integration Vs Other Marketing Tools

Compared to other email marketing automation platforms, the Sendinblue plugin brings great value. For one, it is available at no extra cost.  Sendinblue integration is ideal for individuals or businesses that want to send one-on-one campaigns.  

Its comprehensive design also makes it ideal for transactional and trigger-based emails that use clicks, opens, or website visits. Plus, its added features such as automation, segmentation, and dynamic personalization also add more value. You can also very easily customize KPIs and customer orders with Sendinblue.

ActiveCampaign's Shopify Integration

The ActiveCampaign integration on the other end gives you more control over the business with advanced features such as tagging and advanced segmentation. ActiveCampaign integration isn't ideal if simplicity is what you are looking for, although it comes with no extra cost as well.

When it comes to campaign creation and marketing automation, each tool offers varying features. For example, Sendinblue offers twice as many design templates to choose from compared to ActiveCampaign. Yet, during automation, ActiveCampaign offers more advanced sequences whilst Sendinblue only offers 8 basic ones. Whilst both thrive in email deliverability, ActiveCampaign is more comprehensive – ensuring emails get to your customer inbox rather than the promotional inbox.

ActiveCampaign can be more expensive as soon as you have more subscribers on your list. While Sendinblue is charging on the number of emails sent per month.

Klaviyo's Shopify Integration

Similar to Sendinblue, Klaviyo also has numerous features. It is favored for its extensive options for pre-built workflows. You can have access to many different options that cover every part of your Shopify store campaign – ranging from post-purchase emails to abandoned cart emails. 

It also allows you to build your emails from complete scratch. Whilst it provides excellent CRM for your store, it doesn't boast excellent transactional features as Sendinblue. 


Sendinblue Shopify plugin comes with some useful features that add great value to your business. Originally designed as a transactional provider, Sendinblue extends this perk to its newly found email marketing ability.  

Thus, integrating the plugin with your store doesn’t only offer improved engagement to your customers but also impressive business tracking.  Don’t let the affordability scare you off, if you are on a budget, there’s no better email marketing option for your Shopify store than the Sendinblue. 

However, even though Sendinblue comes with several great value features, there’s always room for improvement. For one, when using it with your Shopify store, the ability to integrate your store products would make it even more comprehensive. 

After all, a simple drag and drop builder is all it needs to make the process effortless. Additionally, whilst it's built for the budget-conscious business owner looking for a basic marketing tool, a little improvement on its user interface will also go a long way.

If you don't have a account for Sendinblue, you can create one now.

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