Sendinblue can integrate with many different apps and platforms.

In today's ultimate guide, I will talk about only two.

Wordpress and Shopify.

Sendinblue WordPress Integration

Sendinblue integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Just connect the two with the Sendinblue plugin, which has been downloaded over 50 000+ times.

Doing this will enable you to:

  • Create subscription forms
  • Create advanced WordPress marketing automations
  • Chat
  • And retarget etc.

Download the free Sendinblue plugin today.

Sendinblue Shopify Integration

Sendinblue and Shopify integrate like mother and son.

Simply download the Sendinblue plugin on the Shopify App Store and start winning.

  • Automatically add you customers to your email list
  • Track the behaviour of visitors on your site
  • And start building amazing relationships with your customers, all in one place.

Read more on how to connect Sendinblue and Shopify in our guide.

Sendinblue Zapier Integration

Other Integrations

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