If you want to digitally predict, scale up, and manage all your business sales management processes in one place – we have just the solution for you. With our PandaDoc vs Proposify comparison, you can the right platform to help you with your business processes. Investing in such software goes a long way to not just aid in time management but, also improve the utilization of your business's resources.

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Ultimately, this helps to improve your business’s efficiency. Whilst both software PandaDoc vs Proposify offer a seamless sales management process for your business, they also hold significant distinctions from one another. The PandaDoc vs Proposify comparison below offers an in-depth outline of the features each software offers.

What Is The Difference Between PandaDoc and Proposify?

PandaDoc is marketed as a proposal, contract, and document solution software designed by G2. The software is designed to enhance your document workflow and help increase productivity amongst your team members. Amongst the key functions the platform offers include document signing, document creation, and document automation. 

Using the software, you can create different sales documents to take you through different stages of your business. These include proposals, forms, quotes, contracts, agreements, esignatures, and payment options. Within each document process, the software also offers extra features for seamless and successful workflows such as external reviewing, approval flows, redlining, commenting, and version tracking. 

Furthermore, the software is curated to specifically cater to different types of industries and teams based on your business. You can choose to use the software for your sales, marketing, revenue operations, or customer success departments. Similarly, you can design or find templates intended for different industries such as technology, education, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

The Proposify software on the other end is a proposal platform. The platform follows five simple steps in its model – i.e. start, draft, design, deliver, sign, and get paid. The software allows you to create and make use of its templates for proposals, contracts, quotes, and electronic signatures. Furthermore, the software is specially curated to cater to sales teams, marketing teams, and operations teams.

Design & Ease of Use

The PandaDoc software is built with a comprehensive, yet, easy to use interface. You can easily find all the features it offers on its dashboard. As mentioned above, the software allows you to create, approve, track, and design your documents. It features comprehensive document signing software as well as proposal building software. 

Whilst you can upload any document for signing, the software also features a simple to use drag and drop editor where you can use its templates or create your documents from scratch. After you are done, the software's document tracking platform allows you to confirm if your documents are opened, viewed, or completed. 

The Proposify software on the other end offers a wider variety of design options to give you more design control and flexibility. Nonetheless, it still offers an easy-to-use interface. The proposal software offers an in-depth content and brand management solution – offering a full content library with numerous templates, a design editor, and overall process management. 

Winner: When it comes to the design and ease of use, Proposify takes the lead – offering better design control, flexibility, and more design options.

Integrations & Add-ons

The PandaDoc software offers a vast option of third-party integrations. The software integrates with a choice of CRM platforms, payment apps, and other useful apps such as HubSpot, SalesForce, Pipedrive, PayPal, Stripe, Canva, and QuickBooks. If you can’t connect to an app you want, the PandaDoc Zapier integration allows you to connect to other apps. 

Similarly, Proposify integrates with a cross section of CRM, marketing, and other app options. The software connects with Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, SalesForce, Slack, Stripe, Trello, and QuickBooks, just to mention a few. However, it only offers no more than 40 apps. However, its integration to Zapier connects to other useful apps.

Winner: With a larger variety of native integrations, the PandaDoc software is a better option.

Customer Support

The PandaDoc software offers live chat, email support, and help center support. However, the software doesn’t offer phone support. Furthermore, PandaDoc’s customer support is limited to English languages. The software also offers onboarding services with a choice of three different plans. These include Starter, Operation Excellence, and Sales Accelerator plans depending on your needs. 

The Proposify software on the other end offers a more extensive customer support experience. You can opt for self-help resources such as the knowledge base, webinars & training, books & guides, and even the platform's own podcast. If you want one-on-one support, the software offers email and live chat support. The highest plan offers phone support and a success manager as well. 

Winner: The Proposify platform takes the lead thanks to its more extensive customer support options.


The PandaDoc software offers a 14-day free trial. Additionally, it is available in a choice of four pricing plans – i.e. Free, Essentials, Business, and Enterprise. The Free plan is available free of charge and offers basic features such as unlimited uploads and signatures, payments, and access through the mobile app. 

The Essentials plan costs $19 per user per month and offers free templates, rich media drag & drop document editor, pricing tables, analytics, and 24/7 email and chat support.  The Business plan on the other end costs $49 per month per user and caters to features such as CRM and Zapier integrations, content library, custom branding, and approval workflows. 

If you want to customize your features for a larger enterprise level business, you can opt for the Enterprise plan. The pricing depends on our needs. The plan covers features such as SSO support and customer user roles, an unlimited number of team workplaces, SalesForce integration, and user performance and content reporting. 

The Proposify software on the other end features the Tall, Grande, and Venti plans. The Tall plan costs $19 per month, the Grande Plan costs $49 per month whilst the Venti plan is customizable. The Tall pans offer basic features such as up to 5 active proposals, interactive quoting, metrics and notifications, online signatures, and access to the content library. 

The Grande plan offers extra features such as unlimited proposals, standard integration, custom field and variables, client input forms, and custom URLs. The Venti plan offers advanced features such as full integrations such as SalesForce, approval workflow, user roles & permissions, premium support including onboarding services. The Venti plan caters to teams of 10 or more. 

PandaDocProposifyUsersPricingUsersPricingFree1FreeTall3$19Essentials1$19GrandeUnlimited$49Business1$49VentiUnlimitedCustomizableEnterprise Customizable Customizable 

Winner: Catering to more users and features, Proposify offers a better pricing option even though the two platforms have similar prices.

Feature Comparison Chart

The PandaDoc vs Proposify comparison helps to effortlessly spell out their difference. Both software options add value to any business. Nonetheless, each has its own advantage. When it comes to the overall design, both software options allow you to create different designs and are quite easy to use. However, the Proposify software does a better job thanks to its more extensive and versatile content library. 

Both PandaDoc and Proposify offer useful integrations – however with a large pool of apps to connect with, PandaDoc brings more value. Sure, Proposify still connects top CRM tools such as Pipedrive and Zoho, however, it doesn’t offer the same extensive integrations in other areas such as payment options. 

Yet, the software brings up its game in customer support and pricing – offering more resources and better cost-value compared to PandaDoc. The feature comparison chart below helps to outline the software's key feature ratings;

FeaturesPandaDocProposifyDesign & Ease of Use4.64.8Integrations & Add-ons4.84.6Customer Support4.64.8Pricing4.74.8Rating 4.6754.75

Final Verdict – PandaDoc Vs Proposify

The PandaDoc vs Proposify comparison offers an in-depth insight into what each software offers. The PandaDoc software is an edocument management solution. However, it works beyond that – serving as a sales management solution – from creating contracts and quotes all the way to completing your business. 

Both PandaDoc and Proposify are designed to cater to different teams within your business such as the sales, marketing, and operations teams. However, PandaDoc goes the extra mile to cater to specific industries such as education, tech, and healthcare, just to mention a few – offering customized design. The Proposify software is only limited to the construction, event & hospitality, financial services, professional, marketing, and Saas industries.

However, when it comes to the designs, you will notice differences too. In fact, this is an area that gives you an insight into where each software fits in. If your business is more focused on designs and overall look, the Proposify software is a much better option – offering a vast selection of eye-catching design and tools. The PandaDoc software is a better option for those who want to enjoy overall functionality.

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