Do you want to sign, approve, track, and manage your documents digitally from anywhere you are? This PandaDoc vs DocuSign comparison may have the solution to your needs. Investing in the right digital document management software makes all your business processes a breeze – whether you want to manage your proposals, contracts, or any other business solutions. 

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As businesses continue to become more remote, these software act as a bridge for maximum convenience, time management, and to prevent any redundancies. Whilst the PandaDoc and DocuSign are both paperless document management solutions they still hold significant differences. Thus, this PandaDoc vs DocuSign comparison can outline all their key features to help you decide which software best fits your business needs.

What Is The Difference Between PandaDoc and DocuSign?

The PandaDoc software is a proposal, contract, and document solution designed by G2. Its main focus includes edocument signing and document automation. To make the software even more feasible, it is designed to cater to different teams and industries. For example, you can choose a plan based on a team such as sales, marketing, revenue operations, or customer success. 

In terms of the industry, the software covers a selection of different industries including healthcare, education, construction, and manufacturing. Amongst the functions you can perform using PandaDoc include creating proposals, forms, and contracts, sign different documents, collect payments with signatures, track and manage documents, and even automate your workflows.

Docusign on the other end is an electronic signature and agreement cloud. The software features two key functions which include paperless and digital document signing as well as an agreement cloud that connects and automates your entire agreement process. 

The software allows you to prepare documents through features such as Gen for Salesforce and Negotiate for SalesForce, sign your documents using tools such as the esignature, automate workflow and collect payments, as well as analyze and centralize agreement storage. 

Design & Ease of Use

The PandaDoc software integrates multiple features, but, is still quite easy to utilize. It features a user interface with blocks of content and feature options which makes it easy to do anything. In addition to allowing you to upload documents for signing, the software allows you to build yours from scratch or use pre-existing templates to design them. 

You can just about build any legal document or form to cater to any industry – whether it's healthcare or technology. You can even build sales invoices using the software. Additionally, the software features document tracking software that lets you confirm if your documents are opened, viewed, or completed. 

The software acts as a one-stop contract management solution – allowing you to create the contract working all your way up to collect your payment. The DocuSign software features a pretty simple user interface that takes you through four key steps – to prepare, sign, act, and manage your documents digitally. 

Whilst the program is not a sales management platform, it works seamlessly with a platform such as SalesForce – allowing you to pull documents from there. The interface takes you through the steps needed to manage your documents. When it comes to the edocument signing feature, you can upload just about any document for easy signing and approval. 

The signing design is realistic to make it as legally binding as ink. The signing process is quite easy – simply upload a pdf, word do, or document of any format, drag and drop your esignature and other information you want to add, and you can then return the agreement using email, or other resources such as Dropbox, Evernote, or OneDrive.

Furthermore, the DocuSign features work just about anywhere. You can sign the documents from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and use them with everyday apps such as Gmail, Google Drive Outlook, Dropbox, and MS packages.

Winner: when it comes to ease of use, both software options do a pretty good job. However, PandaDoc takes the lead in both design and ease of use thanks to its vast selection of features that surpass those offered by DocuSign. 

Integrations & Add-ons

The PandaDoc software integrates with several popular apps to make your processes even better. The app integrates with 5 payment apps and a myriad of other apps. It even integrates with apps to create a complete CRM and sales management platform. 

Some of the popular apps that PandaDoc integrates with include HubSpot, SalesForce, Pipedrive, and Zoho. Other apps include Canva, MS Word, PayPal, stripe, and QuickBooks. PandaDoc even integrates with Zapier to connect to other apps it doesn’t share a native integration option with. 

DocuSign on the other end offers a choice of up to 350+ native integrations. Some of the key apps it integrates with include SalesForce, Microsoft, Google, Apple, SAP, and Oracle.

Winner: With PandaDoc and Docusign offer a generous list of app integrations. However, with a wider selection of different app niches and up to 5 payment app options, PandaDoc takes the lead. 

Customer Support

Amongst the key customer support services PandaDoc offers include onboarding services. Depending on your team's needs, the onboarding services are available in a choice of three plans, i.e. starter, Operation Excellence, and Sales Accelerator. Additionally, PandaDoc offers help center support where you can enjoy live chat and email services. However, PandaDoc doesn't offer any phone support.

The DocuSign software on the other end offers Standard Support, Plus Support, Premier Support, and Enterprise Premier Support Plan. The standard support plan is included with subscription and offers basic self-service resources, system availability monitoring, online case management, and an initial response time is less than 24 hours. The other three plans are available at an extra cost with 24/7 live phone support and additional services.

Winner: The PandaDoc software takes the lead thanks to its resourceful customer support options that don’t require you to pay any extra.


The PandaDoc software is available in a choice of four pricing plans – i.e. Free, Essentials, Business, and Enterprise. Additionally, the software offers a 14-day free trial. The Free plan offers basic features such as unlimited signatures, unlimited document uploads, payments, and a mobile app. The Essentials plan costs $19 per month per user and offers free templates, rich media drag and drop document editor, pricing tables, analytics, and 24/7 email and chat support in addition to the free plan. 

The Business plan costs $49 per month per user and covers features such as CRM and Zapier integrations, content library, custom branding, and approval workflows in addition to Essentials features. The Enterprise plan on the other end can be customized and priced depending on the options you go for. It covers all features of the Business plan in addition to SSO support and customer user roles, an unlimited number of team workplaces, SalesForce integration, and user performance and content reporting. 

The DocuSign software n the other end offers a 30-day free trial but doesn’t have a free plan. The paid plans include the Personal, Standard, Business Pro, and Advanced Solutions and cost $10 per user per month, $25 per user per month, and $40 per month per user, respectively. The Advanced Solutions on the other end is priced based on your needs. These plans fall under the esignature plans. 

Additionally, DocuSign offers special plans for real estate including the Real Estate Starter for $10 per month and Docusign for Realtors NAR Member Exclusive plan for $20 per user per month. Furthermore, the software offers API plans - including a free developer account, a Starter plan for $50 per month, an Intermediate plan for $300 per month, and an Advanced plan for $480 per month. You can even opt for the Enterprise plan at a customizable price plan. 

PandaDocDocusignUsersPricingUsersPricingFree1FreePersonal1$10Essentials1$19Standard1$25Business1$49Business Pro1$40Enterprise Customizable Customizable Advanced SolutionsCustomizable Customizable 

Winner: The Docusign plan does a better job at pricing than PandaDoc – even though the latter has a free plan. 

Feature Comparison Chart

The PandaDoc vs Docusign comparison offers an excellent insight into their differences. Whilst both software are edocument management platforms, each has its own strengths. When it comes to the design and ease of use, both PandaDoc and DocuSign offer a simple and straightforward user interface.  However, with extra features such as design templates, the PandaDoc software does a better job at designs. 

Similarly, with extra features, the PandaDoc software does a better job at integrations – connecting with a wide variety of app options such as payment gateways, emails, and many more. Naturally, due to the extensive feature options, PandaDoc has higher prices compared to DocuSign. The feature comparison chart below offers an insight into what each software offers.

FeaturesPandaDocDocuSignDesign & Ease of Use4.84.7Integrations & Add-ons4.84.7Customer Support4.84.7Pricing4.74.8Rating 4.7754.725

Final Verdict – PandaDoc Vs DocuSign

The PandaDoc vs Docusign comparison offers an in-depth insight into what each software offers. The PandaDoc software is an edocument management solution. However, it works beyond that – serving as a sales management solution – from creating contracts and quotes all the way to completing your business. 

Furthermore, the software integrates with third-party apps such as payment gateways and CRM platforms for a full sales management system. The DocuSign platform on the other end offers edocument management and esignature solutions. Yet, it doesn't have additional features such as creating forms or contracts. 

Therefore, if you simply need a basic e-signature and document management platform, DocuSign software is a good option. However, if you want a more advanced platform with a more comprehensive solution from creating documents to closing up a sale, the PandaDoc is a perfect option for automating your entire business processes. 

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