All you need to know about Neverbounce

NeverBounce is an email service provider that helps businesses and individuals send customized emails to desired clients and customers through an automated process. In today’s highly competitive markets, it is indispensable to be able to reach both existing clients and potential customers as quickly as possible. Apart from speed, there is also the need to have an attractive message and it is necessary as well to be able to reach as many people as possible. Drip helps to achieve all of this seamlessly and in style. The formats are customizable and you can tinker with the layout and final appearance of the final email that gets delivered into the clients’ and target audience’s inbox. It’s also quite popular and has been reported to be effective by many users all over the world.Either you’re a newbie to email marketing and eCommerce as a whole or you are already in the game and thinking of switching service providers. This write-up will help you in making the right choice about whether or not to adopt Drip as your email service provider of choice.

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Short History

Drip has been around for quite some time. As far back as the year 2013, Drip had one of the simplest automation builders for emails, and it was somewhat unusual. However, due to the influx of competition in the email marketing scene, it is not so unique any longer (Convertkit or Constant Contact). In 2016, Drip was purchased by Leadpages. The acquisition reoriented the service direction of the company to lay more emphasis on eCommerce email marketing. Drip has been quite successful over its lifespan. It has kept up with innovations and changes in the digital space, thereby being able to avoid getting obsolete and out of touch both with its specific customers and with the industry as a whole. Considerable competition has sprung up with the popularity of email marketing campaigns as a popular way to drive sales and reach more people and in a faster manner. Yet, Drip has still managed to stay relevant as an email service provider of repute.Drip has also been a trailblazer in the area of email marketing automation. Provided it is well used, Drip can be set up to work entirely on its own and automatically send out emails to users with only minimal periodic supervision. This is a far cry from the early days of email marketing when the whole process had to be wholly monitored by the user in order to make it work properly. This is a clear sign that Drip has come a long way and is likely to stay relevant on the email marketing scene for the foreseeable future.

Who is Neverbounce for?

Majorly, one of Drip’s most popular strong points for which it is renowned is automation. It’s a system where all you have to do is set up a format and, if you’re so inclined, write a bit of computer code, and the system does the rest for you by pushing out the emails.Generally, automated email service providers are useful for almost all types of businesses in today’s computer-dominated world. Either you run a hair retouching saloon, an auto mechanic garage, or you’re a Xerox printer salesman/saleswoman, we all need to get in touch with our clients from time to time and also pitch our products or services to potential customers.Apart from this broad category of business owners, the following specific groups of people are the target audiences for whom Drip is particularly useful:Newsletter SubscribersThis covers a broad category of people. Either it’s a university department with plans to send periodic newsletters to faculty and students or a blog that sends out regular newsletters, Drip works just fine to help circulate info at the exact time you need it circulated and to the exact number of people you want it sent to. With its customizable features and adjustable templates, you can easily change the content and leave the overall layout the same.For sellers trying to cold email new clients, Drip will work just fine. It even has a free plan that can be used to reach 100 subscribers; this way marketers don’t even have to spend too much in the immediate to get the word out and create awareness for products and services via email. Email course ProvidersFor those who run online courses (like Clickminded) via email and have to reach their students at frequent intervals, Drip is again a veritable tool that will come in handy to reach a large body of students as well as provide flexibility in changing the content structure.

Drip's key features

Below are the features that separate Drip from Other email service providers in the industry:

  • API interfaces for 3rd party integrations
  • Marketing automation platform for marketing and transactional emails
  • Tagging and Managing Users


Drip’s integration feature enables users to find and connect the tools they need to boost their conversions, grow their lists, and level up their marketing automation.This feature allows you to sync your Drip account with the tools you use in the running of your business such as Shopify, Privy, Justuno, and Magento. With this feature, Drip not only sends emails to people who visit your website but also to people who visit and patronize you on the integrated tool.Put in simpler terms, your customers on all other platforms you use to run your business also get automated messages once they synced with Drip using its integration feature.You can integrate Neverbounce directly in Drip with a clean integration.

Neverbounce Screenshots

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Neverbounce Pricing

Neverbounce Pricing landing options

Starting Price is $49.00/monthSee pricing detailsPricing Details 14-day trial. Free up to 100 contacts.Price based on the number of subscribers

Included free with your account:

  • 1,000 API Verifications every month
  • Unlimited list testing analysis
  • Scrubbing prior to cleaning
  • API Access - Single Endpoint
  • Awesome support by phone, email & chat


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