If you are looking for the best email marketing service for deep segmentation, MailChimp is the best option. However, if you want extra features such as Shopify integrations; you can always opt for MailChimp alternatives. In this piece, you will find the best MailChimp alternatives for optimal email marketing and automation. Enjoy the ride!

Why Choose MailChimp?

Amongst the top rated email marketing platforms, MailChimp makes the cut. The reason why Mailchimp is popular amongst users is due to the features it offers. The most prominent feature you will enjoy when using Mailchimp is deep segmentation. 

If you have a business where you need to segment subscriber lists, Mailchimp offers the best features. After all, doing so creates a more meaningful experience for your customers and ensures that your campaigns reach the intended subscribers. Whether you opt for a free account or paid account, MailChimp offers some of the best list segmentation features when compared to other email marketing platforms. 

In addition to the deeper list segmentation, other favorite features that come with using MailChimp include advanced scheduling; allowing you to send several campaigns at particular days and times – so you can avoid last minute panic marketing campaigns. 

Additionally, MailChimp offers extensive reporting and seamless integration with several apps – including popular ones such as WordPress, CRM software, and ecommerce signup forms.

How To Choose The Best MailChimp Alternatives 

Whilst MailChimp comes with its own unique features, you can still find high performing email marketing alternatives to match it.  When you are choosing the best MailChimp alternatives, you obviously want to match its features. However, you also want to look out for extra features you will not find in MailChimp. Some of the key features to look at when choosing alternatives to compare to MailChimp include;

  • User interface and design – MailChimp features a simple yet interactive user interface design. This makes it quite easy to use - even for beginners. Yet, it also boasts up to 100 email templates to choose from; allowing you to easily customize your campaigns.
  • Segmentation – When it comes to segmentation, MailChimp is a pioneer. This is because MailChimp offers advanced segmentation; allowing you to really reach customers you want to. 
  • Reporting – MailChimp offers a well-rounded reporting feature – it is more detailed when it comes to ecommerce reporting with no limitations on integrated sites. 
  • Integrations – MailChimp offers a series of useful integrations – which include CRM software, ecommerce software, and social media. However, it also lacks certain useful integrations such as Shopify.
  • Pricing – Compared to several platforms, MailChimp is quite affordable. It also offers a free monthly plan with up to 2000 contacts and 12,000 emails. 

The Best MailChimp Alternatives

In some cases, users will find themselves looking for Mailchimp alternatives. This is not because MailChimp doesn't work for them. But, rather they are looking for a platform that boasts features you will find in MailChimp as well as additional features you will not.

MailChimp is popular due to its numerous popular features. However, some users find that it lacks key features for their businesses. For example, it comes as a surprise for many users that MailChimp recently discontinued its integration with Shopify.

Therefore, if you need to use Shopify for your business, you most certainly want to go for MailChimp alternatives. This is not to say that you will be sacrificing other useful features. In fact, we’ve selected 7 top rated MailChimp alternatives for you – to ensure you don’t miss out on other key tools.


Opting for ActiveCampaign brings more value to businesses that want extra CRM features. ActiveCampaign centers on CRM and increasing sales thus, making it great for companies that want to build their CRM. When it comes to integration it offers 50 more useful ones – including Shopify -than MailChimp.  You will spend nearly twice as much on ActiveCampaign but it’s worth it!

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If your business is all about bulk campaigns without needing a comprehensive segmentation tool, Sendinblue is a perfect match. Compared to MailChimp, it offers a standard and practical bulk emailing feature. Plus, it is 4 times cheaper than MailChimp – allowing you to focus your money where you actually need to.

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Constant Contact

Constant contact is favored for its high deliverability rates compared to MailChimp. However, it still offers basic designs and features – yet, you will find useful integrations when using it too. Plus, amongst the top rated email marking platforms, it offers one of the best customer supports.

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Mailerlite does a better job than MailChimp when it comes to automation – however, it is not as comprehensive as MailChimp's reporting. With this platform, you don't pay too much if you don't have to – you will enjoy all the features it offers whether you go for the cheapest or most expensive plan. 

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Klaviyo is an excellent alternative for businesses that are targeting growth as it boasts advanced tools to help you do so. Plus, if you want to use Shopify for ecommerce marketing, Klaviyo offers the best features with this integration.

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Drip is ideally built for marketing automation. Unlike MailChimp, it boasts a visual automation builder and advanced features to take full advantage of it- allowing any ecommerce business to thrive. Generally, when you compare Drip to MailChimp, it is more of automation software whilst the latter is email marketing software.

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GetResponse offers a more affordable alternative whilst offering extra features you wouldn’t find in MailChimp. In addition to offering a free trial and boasting a user friendly interface, GetResponse also offers webinar solutions and real time tracking analytics, just to mention a few.

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Final Verdict

With these MailChimp alternatives, you can go in any direction you want. Whether you want to enjoy just a few MailChimp features but at a lower cost option or want to top up on extra features to improve your campaigns – it all depends on what you need for your business.

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