If you want to enhance the performance of your ecommerce business –whether it's customer engagement, sales, or revenue – you want to invest in the right marketing tools. In fact, tools such as InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign come with an even better advantage of being all solution platforms. Yet, you must have an InfusionSoft vs. ActiveCampaign comparison to figure out which tool is the best for your business. Both InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign are designed not only as email marketing tools. They are also capacitated with excellent sales automation and CRM features to give your business well-rounded online marketing, sales, and customer relationship management solutions. Nonetheless, each tool comes with its unique features tailored for certain business needs. So, to help you find the perfect tool for your ecommerce business, we’ve outlined a detailed comparison of InfusionSoft vs. ActiveCampaign.

Main Features

Before we break down each platform’s features, it is worth knowing what each feature offers first. InfusionSoft by Keap is a tool designed to cater to small businesses – particularly those owned by younger people under 25 years old. 

The single central CRM tool covers content management, email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation features – focusing particularly on appointments, building sales pipelines, lead scoring, and lead generation. 

ActiveCampaign on the other end is a CRM and marketing tool formulated for businesses of all levels. It covers features such as email marketing, marketing automation, and integrated CRM. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign covers Omni-channel marketing features such as landing pages, SMS marketing, conversations, social media, and web personalization. 

Amongst the few things that set ActiveCampaign from InfusionSoft is that it offers packages curated for specific businesses. These businesses include ecommerce, digital businesses, and B2B companies to ensure maximum success across each business. 

Winner: InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign all offer comprehensive email marketing, sales automation, marketing automation, and CRM features. Both excel on their right – even if InfusionSoft is designed for small businesses whilst ActiveCampaign works for businesses of all levels.  

Design & Editor

The InfusionSoft by Keap platform features an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Additionally, it is also pre-loaded with an extensive library of flexible and functional email templates. Furthermore, InfusionSoft comes with an array of landing page templates to eliminate the time spent building them. 

Its drag and drop editor also allows you to customize them to your liking and to match your brand. ActiveCampaign is amongst the few online marketing tools packed with intuitive, responsive, and unique pre-loaded email templates and landing pages. 

You can also choose to get creative and build your own templates to your liking and to match your brand. The tool is even capacitated with a predictive content feature to ensure you end up with the best content to send your subscribers.

Winner: When it comes to design & editing, both tools do an excellent job. But, with more unique features, ActiveCampaign is the obvious winner 

Marketing and Automation Features

There’s no doubt that InfusionSoft offers a selection of useful marketing and automation features. The marketing automation features cover areas such as customizable forms, emails, and landing pages, follow up sequences automation to ensure subscriber engagement and retentions, launching email marketing campaigns, as well as deep tracking and reporting.

The sales automation features cover sales pipeline management, lead scoring, creating quotes that become purchases in a single clink as well as payment and invoicing automation. To make the automation processes easier, the tool integrates a comprehensive CRM tool allowing you to execute your sales and marketing automation in one place whilst managing your subscribers. 

ActiveCampaign on the other end also offers deep marketing and sales automation features. Most workflows are even set up to work in a single click. Amongst a few tools you can set up include site tracking, event tracking, automation goals, automation maps, attribution, and split action. Furthermore, the sales and CRM automation features help to get tasks off your desk so your team can focus on other tasks. 

The automation process allows automated lead prioritization, contact and lead scoring as well as contact management. You can even enjoy the extended features through the built-in Gmail extension for chrome and mobile app. 

In fact, ActiveCampaign even offers deep SMS automation features. Sig the mobile app, you can manage and create deals, track and assign tasks, manage accounts, update and connect contacts, as well as view campaign and email automation features, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, each business package comes with its unique automation features. For example, the Ecommerce business package features deep marketing CRM, Facebook custom audience, email marketing, site tracking, segmentation, advanced reporting, form customization, and attribute features.

The digital business package comes with comprehensive automation features including web, social media, email, chat and, text. Other features include migration services, site & event tracking, recipes, lead scoring, and targeted web experiences, to mention a few. 

Packages for B2B companies on the other end offer features such as automated task creation, lead scoring, pipeline permissions, automated pipelines, automated deal creation, flexible pipelines, and site & event tracking, just to name a few.

Winner: InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign both offer deep CRM and automation features designed to optimize any business properties. But, with the innovative mobile app and extra SMS automation, ActiveCampaign takes the lead. Plus, each business package comes with its automation features to enhance the process. 


InfusionSoft offers deep CRM reporting and analytics – allowing you to visualize traffic data, and insights using the updated analytics dashboard. The tool’s marketing reporting software offers a selection of features. Some of the key features include conversion tracking by sales stage and lead source, basic reporting such as form completion and open rates, marketing and campaign performance, and contact action. 

Furthermore, the tool offers sales reporting tools – allowing you to track sales daily, weekly, and monthly – and compare them to previous timelines. Additionally, sales reports also allow you to track and find trends for payments, revenues, and transactions; visualize your growth through the app, and clicking into specific analytics for a detailed report. 

The CRM engagement analytics on the other end improves engagement, using advanced criteria by tracking and filtration, as well as improving marketing effectiveness by measuring weekly and monthly engagement. 

The payment and revenue analytics allow you to increase revenue by tracking weekly and monthly payment, revenue, and transactional activities, managing invoices and payments using analytics data, and visualizing revenue growth directly through the tool’s app.

ActiveCampaign offers site tracking and advanced reporting for analytics. Through site tracking, you will enjoy tools such as goal tracking and event tracking for deeper insights. Using  ActiveCampaign's integrated advanced reporting, you will get more than just metrics and plain analytics. You can discover data insights in campaigns, data in automations, contact data, and data in deals – ultimately allowing you to make decisions using the data.

Winner: With the deep analytics and advanced reporting features, both tools are excellent at reporting – ending up in a tie.


InfusionSoft offers native integration with over 230 apps – which include Gmail, WordPress, OptinMonster, Zapier, and Facebook, just to mention a few. ActiveCampaign on the other end is known for its generous integrations as well. 

With the Ecommerce package, you will enjoy over 850+ integrations - covering a wide range of areas such as social media and Ecommerce apps such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. The Digital Business package on the other end offers 300+ integrations – connecting with apps such as Shopify, Slack, Twilio, and Typeform, just to mention a few. 

The package for B2B companies is designed to accommodate up to 850+ app integrations – and even offers a chrome extension to allow you to use your ActiveCampaign information from your Gmail account.

Winner: ActiveCampaign is a winner in integrations – offering more than twice as many integrations. The tool even offers tailored integration apps for packages for specific businesses. 


InfusionSoft offers high deliverability rates – up to 98%.  InfusionSoft helps to keep deliverability rates up using its built-in A/B and split testing features, auto spam checking, and intelligent email sends based on proven insights. 

Similarly, ActiveCampaign offers some of the highest deliverability rates in the market – up to 98%. ActiveCampaign employs a series of checks and tools to increase deliverability. Some of the few tools ActiveCampaign offers include dedicated IP address, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication, and even detailed spam checks. 

In fact, ActiveCampaign has an in-house spam check tool you can use to help identify areas of spamminess in your campaign and automation emails. Additionally, both InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign offer third-party integrations that offer spam checks as well.

Winner: With an added variety of deliverability enhancing tools – ActiveCampaign is the winner. This is not to say that InfusionSoft is weak in this area, however. 


InfusionSoft is paired with other Keap plans – however, as mentioned above, it is better suited for businesses that require a robust CRM tool. The InfusionSoft plan costs a minimum of $199 per month and offers a single user license with over 500 contacts. 

For smaller businesses, you have the option of Keap Grow and Keap Pro – each costing a minimum of $99 and $499, respectively, with a single user license and 500 contacts. Furthermore, InfusionSoft offers a 14-day free trial – however, it doesn't have a free plan. As mentioned above, ActiveCampaign offers tools curated for three different business types. 

However, each package comes with four key plans. These include the Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. The Lite plan costs a minimum of $9 per month and covers up to 500 contacts. For the same 500 contacts, you will pay $49 per month for the Plus plan, $129 per month for the Professional plan, and $229 per month for the Enterprise plan. 

The price increases as the number of contacts increases. You can even curate the price if you have a large volume need. Similar to InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial but, it doesn't have a free plan.

Per monthInfusionSoftActiveCampaignContacts/Plans0-500Contacts/Plans0-500Keap Grow$99Plus$49Keap Pro$499Professional$129InfusionSoft$99Enterprise$299

Winner: Price-wise, ActiveCampaign takes the lead with competitively low prices.

Customer Support 

InfusionSoft offers live chat, phone, and email support. Additionally, it also hosts a community you can posts questions and inquiries to get responses. ActiveCampaign offers comprehensive customer support. However, the scope ranges across the pricing plans. In general, at any plan, you can access self-help customer support through a range of knowledge base resources. 

With the Lite and Chat plan, you will have access to chat and email support. You will enjoy the same with the Professional plan, along with onboarding support. The Enterprise plan on the other end allows you to access email, chat, and phone support. Additionally, your account will be assigned to a dedicated account rep. For all plans, ActiveCampaign also offers webinars and one-on-one paid training.

Winner: Whilst both tools offer excellent customer support, ActiveCampaign takes the lead as it takes it a step further with extra tools such as webinars.

Feature Comparison

ActiveCampaign and infusion are all designed as built-in CRM and marketing tools. Nonetheless, as evident to the InfusionSoft vs. ActiveCampaign comparison above each tool has its own forte across different tools. The summary below helps to map out where each tool holds an advantage;

InfusionSoftActiveCampaignMain features 4.84.8Design and editor4.74.8Marketing and automation features4.74.8Reporting4.94.9Integration 4.54.8Deliverability4.84.8Pricing4.04.7Customer Support4.74.84.644.8

Which Is Better – InfusionSoft vs. ActiveCampaign?

The InfusionSoft vs. ActiveCampaign comparison shows that both tools come in handy when it comes to online marketing. Nonetheless, they have features tailored for particular business needs. Whilst InfusionSoft is specially built for small businesses – especially those owned by younger people, ActiveCampaign is built for any business type or profile. 

In fact, it even has three different packages curated for ecommerce, digital, ad B2B companies. Furthermore, in areas such as design automation, integration, and even, pricing ActiveCampaign does a great job. This is not to say that InfusionSoft doesn’t come with its fair share of perks as well. 

In fact, the two almost end up in a tie on areas such as reporting, deliverability, and customer support. However, InfusionSoft comes off as a tad bit too expensive – considering that it is designed for small businesses and younger people. 

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