When an unsubscribed subscriber wants MailChimp resubscribe, there are many things to consider. There are multiple solutions to this problem. This happens when someone accidentally clicks on the unsubscribe button in your campaign or when you unsubscribe a contact manually. It changes the email marketing status of the contact because the system considers it was done intentionally. We know that accidents occur, so there are multiple ways to resubscribe unsubscribed contacts.

Things to Remember 

  • MailChimp respects your order to be unsubscribed from emails through every contact. For your email promotions, contacts will opt out your marketing with the unsubscribe link. They will have to opt-in through your signup page to resubscribe. 
  • If you unsubscribe addresses in batches for viewer management reasons, such addresses resubscribe manually. 

How do users resubscribe if they unsubscribe themselves? 

If under one of your promotions a person unsubscribed by hitting the unsubscribe link, you will not resubscribe the person as the account holder. Subscribers will need to subscribe individually to the list themselves.

Resubscribe with the Signup Form

They will have to register again on your MailChimp-hosted signup form anytime a contact who has unsubscribed chooses to resubscribe. The time and date the contact gives to our forms capture the authority to share those emails. Give them a connection to your signup page if anyone has emailed you to inquire about resubscribing.

Resubscribe Email Addresses Manually

If your contacts are manually unsubscribed, you should resubscribe to them. Via the signup process, contacts who unsubscribe themselves may need to resubscribe. Use these guidelines to resubscribe contacts.

  1. Click on the Audience icon.
Cursor Clicks - Audience icon
  1. Click on All Contacts.
Cursor Clicks - All contacts

If you have more than one audience, pick the one that you'll want to operate with by pressing the New Audience drop-down. 

Check the box beside the contact you would like to resubscribe. 

Tap the Actions drop-down list, and then click on Resubscribe. 

Finally, click on Confirm.

Resend a Confirmation Email

You can send them a confirmation email from their user profile if your audience has a dual opt-in or someone unintentionally unsubscribes. If anyone has clearly demanded it, you can only return a confirmation email. Follow these steps to resend the confirmation email from the user's profile:

  1. Click on the Audience icon.
Cursor Clicks - Audience icon
  1. Click on All Contacts.
Cursor Clicks - All contacts
  1. If you have over one audience, choose the one you want to operate with by pressing the New Audience drop-down. 
  2. To access their profile, press the contact button. 
  3. Click on the Activities drop-down list on the contact profile page, then select Resend Confirmation.
Drop-down menu on contact profile with Resend Confirmation selected.
  1. Now, click on Resend Confirmation Email.

An opt-in confirmation email for your audience will be sent to your contact so that they can add themselves again as a subscriber through the double-opt-in mechanism.

How to Resubscribe to a 'Cleaned' MailChimp Contact

Cleaned contacts in MailChimp are such email addresses where MailChimp has received notice from the client's email registry that the email address does not really exist or is currently not reachable due to technical issues. 

Steps to Follow

The cleaned email address conveniently resubscribed according to the guidelines below:

Step 1: Login to your MailChimp account.

Step 2: Click on the Lists tab. 

Step3: Beside the list you want to deal with, click the drop-down list, and select Signup Forms. 

Step 4: Beside the Form builder, press the Select button. 

Step 5: Grab the URL of the Signup Page to your browser and open the Page. 

Step 6: Submit all the necessary details and your email address to this form.


MailChimp resubscribe is an aid to users and contacts whenever they mistakenly unsubscribe from the audience. Although multiple ways can cause unsubscription, we tried to explain all the strategies that can help you to resubscribe.

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