You may often want to resend an email campaign to new customers or to a subscriber group that has not opened the message for the first time. To do this, the campaign should be repeated and an identical copy submitted out. You may want to email them once again whether you have subscribed to new contacts that have not opened an email campaign containing valuable details for them.

Sending the same promotion will also lead you to unsubscribe, so it can help you ruin your commitment if you are just doing it once and within a day of the initial sending day. You will discover in this article how to resend a MailChimp campaign to individuals who have not opened it. 

Things to Remember

Before you start this process, keep these points in mind:

  • If you resend the campaign two or more days after the initial distribution deadline, the risk of unsubscription and reports will rise. 
  • To see the current analysis on resending projects, check out the MailChimp blog. 

Resend the Unopened Campaign

You can duplicate the initial campaign and send it to a group of unresponsive subscribers to resend the campaign to those who have not opened it.

Replicate Your Campaign

Follow the given steps to replicate an email campaign :

  1. Click on the Campaigns icon.
Cursor Clicks - Campaigns icon
  1. Click on "All campaigns."
Cursor Clicks - All campaigns
  1. For the campaign you want to resend, click on the drop-down list and select "Replicate."

A replicated copy of the campaign opened by the campaign builder. 

Target Unresponsive Subscribers

Follow these steps to target only unresponsive subscribers:

  1. Select "Edit Recipients" from the portion of the Campaign Builder. 
  2. Press the Section drop-down list, and then pick a new segment or category.
Select Group or New Segment from the drop-down
  1. Click on the "Match Contacts" drop-down list, then select "All."
contacts match all conditions
  1.  Set the drop-down list for Campaign Activity to "was sent" during the first phase, and select the campaign's name.
  1. Click on "Add."
  2. Set the drop-down list to campaign activity "did not open" for the second phase, and then select the campaign's name.
  1.  To see how many subscribed contacts match your requirements, click on "Update Recipient Count." The repeated campaign will only be sent to these contacts.


Click the Update Recipient Count button
  1. Click on Save, then send it, or select a specific time to send your campaign.

All set! Here's how you can resend your MailChimp campaign

What to do next? 

To see if the campaign you resend influenced interactions, be sure to track your report list. 

  • Create reports for email campaigns.
  • Consider preparing a campaign for re-engagement to win back disconnected long-term subscribers. 
  • Identify Subscribers who have been inactive for a long time.
  • Try to re-engage inactive Subscribers.

Generate Audience 

To generate a more productive audience, you can share your campaign on different platforms:

  • Share on social media. 
  • Sharing a link to an email campaign.
  • Share the email campaign archive
  • Share recent email campaigns
  • Add an email campaign archive to your website.

By sharing your MailChimp campaign in the ways mentioned above, you can get a better audience.


You can use this guide to resend your MailChimp campaign suitably. To avoid disturbance for the contacts who read it on the first attempt, you can select only those who did not open it before. The techniques mentioned in this article will help you raise your audience. Try this out and generate a productive audience.

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