The fascination of using Constant Contact lies in the fact that it assists mini businesses like big businesses. By using Constant Contact, small businesses establish permission-based email lists, take benefits from industry-leading rates of deliverability, and use formal email templates.

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Cons of Constant Contact

What users find bothering regarding the Constant Contact account is the price it costs them. Constant Contact account prices are usually unaffordable, and their features are also not that advanced compared to the charges. Suppose your advertising and marketing actions are temporarily at fault. In that case, you can suspend your account for keeping all of your data, reporting, and information related to contacts accumulated when you feel like preparing for using it again.

Canceling the account is also a viable option for you, but only 120 days are guaranteed to keep the data stored and safe. It implies that the data remains secure and safe when you suspend the account, but the account's cancellation can result in data loss.

Do you want to suspend your Constant Contact account?

If you are not willing to keep your account for use every month, you can get your account suspended in exchange for a minimal monthly cost. To suspend your account, contact the Billing Team for Constant Contact.

The representatives will help you in understanding all the pros and cons of suspending the account. However, the account can't be suspended in the chatbox. It should also be noted that you can't suspend your Constant Contact account and then make a request for suspending it again during the very invoice cycle.

If you have your account suspended, you can still:

  • Access and store your lists and contacts
  • Manage and view reports
  • Keep the photos and files compiled in the library.
  • Create invitations and emails
  • Keep the sign-up forms for your campaign active to continue to gather contacts.

With a suspended account, you will not be able to:

  • Forward test emails
  • Schedule live emails. Note that any automatic birthday, welcome, or anniversary messages you have organized will not be able to be delivered during the suspension period. Also, any active automatic email series will result in cancellation.
  • Use Social Post or Social Share features
  • Publish different events
  • Proceed with the registration of a previously published event. Registration gets temporarily closed by the suspension of the account.
  • Continue receiving responses to the surveys. When in suspension, accounts proceeding with active surveys won't be able to gather responses. You can unsuspend the account if you want to use it again.

How to cancel your Constant Contact account?

To cancel your Constant Contact account, contact the Billing Team of the organization. The specialists of the team will not be insisting on or convincing you to hold the account anyway. They will ask you for your feedback regarding their services to work on their weak areas and improve the quality of the service for the other consumers.


You should contact the Billing Team of Constant Contact before the upcoming month's billing date to avoid the upcoming month's charges. For the cancelation of the account, you should have the following information at hand:

  1. The username of the Constant Contact account that you are willing to cancel.
  2. The reason behind getting your account canceled.

They will then send you an email within about 24 hours to your main account's email address to confirm your request. Once you confirm the email, the account is subjected to cancellation. If you do not retrieve the account in the next few weeks, there is a risk that you will be deprived of all of your data stored in the account.


There are pros and cons of the Constant Contact account. However, there might be a situation where you want to cancel your Constant Contact Account. Readout everything given in this article and proceed accordingly. 

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