What if you could consistently grab the attention of potential leads, and drive result-oriented engagement with data-driven subject lines? This is what we'll discover today.

Subject line research is the most important part of a successful email marketing campaign. It can determine your email marketing success or failure. Your recipients choose to open your emails based on how relevant they are. The subject line may be the primary factor that will encourage them to read or ignore your emails.

You can also use AI to write email subject lines. Copy.ai has developed a way to learn from human behavior and give your campaigns a boost. It may sound like an over-promise, but it’s not.

But first let's review what makes a great one.

How to write a good subject line?

Clear and precise

The shorter the better. Just work with few words that clearly describe what the subscriber will find in the content of the email. It's one thing to write intriguing subject line, but it should still match what comes after.

Match your list or segment expectations

Some people on your list are more attentive to some topics, make sure to have this information at hand in your data. Then you can write a dynamic subject line based on it.

A/B test your subject lines

The only way to get better over time in writing subject lines is to test them over and over again. This will increase your conversions as more and more people will open your emails. Each good platform should have an easy way to do it for every email you send out. If that's not the case, check out Drip which does it really well.

Emoji in subject lines

The trend of having an emoji in subject line is slowing going away. Once in a while you can do it, but don't over use it.

Random subject line generator

Sometimes, inspiration is low and you just need something to kick start it. This is what a tool like Copy.ai can do. You enter one or two lines about the topic you want to write about. And the tool will return back a series of random suggestions that match you theme.

You don't have to take them as is, you can request the tool to make more of one kind you like and then take one directly or update it with few tweaks.

Leverage Copy.ai to send better emails to your List.

Copy.ai allows you to select what type of content to craft. On top of all the classic Social media copywriting, website copy and product descriptions, you can focus on email marketing content with the following three categories.

Create Catchy Subject lines

Let's say, you want to send an email about this exact topic you are currently reading. Here is what Copy.ai would suggest you back:

Confirmation Email

Once your customer has purchased something it's always nice to acknowledge it in their inbox with a special message. Text message work well, and you can now craft them with AI.

Thank you note

Want to send a simple thank you email to a customer or someone you met a (zoom) coffee recently. They have a template for that. You input who is it for, and what you want to thank for et voila. You get a great set of suggestions like:

Example Result: Thank you for being an early user of my tool. My hope is that people like you will eventually enjoy the awesome power of AI and this will advance the human race in ways we can't even imagine today.

Sales Copy & More options

All of the above is content made for email marketing, Copy.ai also let's you write for more copywriting tasks, like social media posts, landing pages...

It can also help you improve your current copy by reviewing it and making new suggestions.

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