Over the years, I've had the privilege to test multiple email marketing tools. From the classic email service providers to some more innovative tools.In today's post, I'm sharing the perfect email marketing toolbox I'd like to use for 2019.


Our creative process starts by getting inspiration from others. This can be about design or a campaign idea, and there is a place to find both.


Reallygoodemails.com is perfect for finding email marketing examples

If you are looking for email design ideas, this is the place to go. They built a great resource of the best emails out there categorized the right way for email marketers.Discover Reallygoodemails.com[separator]


#Emailgeeks community

Discover the #emailgeeks community


Once you have been inspired by great design or insightful comments, it is time to craft your email and get feedback from your peers.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EatUkHez0USketch has quickly replaced Photoshop for everything design in tech companies.Discover Sketch[separator]


Redpen screenshot, email design workflow

Redpen is a simple tool to share new design and get feedback from your team through a visual comment system.Discover Redpen


The design of your next campaign is approved, time to build it in HTML. Ideally following best practices and a responsive template that looks good on mobile.

Taxi for Emails

taxi for email, email template builder

Taxi for Email is one of the best email builder on the market. Create your template with modules and start building sophisticated emails in minutes (dynamic segment, translations...). Works with most major ESPs.Discover Taxi for Email[separator]


bbedit email marketing coding

Even with Taxi for Email, sometimes you have to check some HTML code. My go-to editor is BBedit.Discover BBedit[separator]


litmus email design test for email clients

After creating your email, check out how it renders in every email clients or just the one you care about.Discover Litmus[separator]

Campaign Workhub

campaign workhub email marketing process tool

If you want to streamline your email creation workflow, check out Campaign Workhub to have all the creation steps in one tool.Discover Campaign Workhub[separator]


interactive email example with rebelmail quiz, filters and cart

The cool kids, well it's almost too late as they've been acquired by SFMC.My hope is that we'll see them in the next version of SFMC Content BuilderDiscover Rebel



Movableink, dynamic content for email marketing

Bring some Weather-based targeting and geo targeting to your email campaigns.Discover MovableInk[separator]


Neverbounce email list verification

Discover NeverBounce[separator]


[embed]https://vimeo.com/251469682[/embed]Bring some AI to your subject line with Phrasee.Discover Phrasee


The most critical part of email marketing: sending it.


drip automation screenshot

Automation powerhouse, Drip is my favorite ESP.Discover Drip[separator]


Sendgrid activity feed

SendGrid is probably the best solution for high-volume senders who have built their own email tooks.Discover SendGrid

Landing page

This is not directly related to the email itself but it is still a major part of the user experience. So you want to make sure to optimize the page you are sending traffic to correctly.RightMessage

RightMessage, personalize your landing page from Email marketing traffic

Personalize your website to cater to each visitor.With RightAsk, RightMessage and RightBar.Discover RightMessage[separator]

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

email traffic vwo dashboard screenshot

To go beyond content segmentation, you can also experiment your page layout and content with a tool like VWO.Discover VWO


Once you have sent your email, you want to track what happens. If you are using multiple tools, you need to combine the data in one place to understand the whole picture. That's when Segment will be helpful.


Segment connections for email marketing data

Segment is a customer data platform that helps you simplify your data tracking and marketing tech integrations.Here is an example of integration between Drip and Segment.Discover Segment

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