How to find a Job in Email Marketing?

You have a first experience in email marketing or have taken a course that grants you an email marketing certification.

Before applying for an email marketing job, I learned email marketing by doing while being a generalist marketing manager.

The 7 Best Spots to find the perfect email marketing job


The main professional network has most if not all companies in their directory. It has become the number one place to post a job offer. Search for Email Marketing in the jobs section and add filters for location, seniority or industry.

Email Geek Community

The Slack community Email Geeks is particularly active in all topics but also in posting job offers directly into a channel. If you plan on working in the industry, you should join in any case.

Example of job offers posted in the community


Indeed is one of the biggest job posting aggregators online. If there is a job posted somewhere, it must be somewhere. Check out their email marketing list.

They also have a sub-section for email marketing jobs at home if you are into remote working.

Local Job Boards

Email Marketing is a major components of most business those days. That's why you don't need to search far from home to find the right job opportunity. Search for your local job boards online. Think by location or industries. E.g. Berlin startup jobs...


For those of you who would prefer a remote job, you can search Flexjobs who has a remote jobs directory for email Marketing.

Careers page of brands you love

This is personally what got me my job at Airbnb in 2014. I was looking for a place to stay and after browsing for a bit, I checked the careers page and discovered that they were looking for an email marketing specialist in Berlin. That was a match. Here is what the job description looked like.

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What is the salary expectation in Email Marketing?

The table below shows you a quick overview of the different salary ranges. Check out our full article on email marketing salaries.

TitleRangeEmail Marketing Specialist$30K-$40KEmail Marketing Coordinator$35K-$50KEmail Marketing Manager$50K-$75KHead of Email Marketing$75K-$95K

Different types of Email Marketing Jobs

Here are some examples of titles.

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Email Marketing Coordinator
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Head of Email Marketing
  • Director of CRM

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