For a small to medium-sized ebusiness, Shopify helps to incredibly increase your revenue, no matter where your customers are. However, to make your Shopify store successful when you integrate the app with your email marketing tool, you want to enjoy all of its functional features.

So, we’ve made your task easy by outlining the best email marketing options for Shopify and this piece offers a rationale behind this choice.

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What Are The Useful Features That Shopify Offers With Email Marketing Tools?

When choosing the best email marketing for Shopify, you want to opt for one that offers the most features. After all, you want to integrate into this eCommerce platform for the sole purpose of accentuating your revenue. Therefore, you can use Shopify to create and send countless email marketing campaigns by pulling branding and products directly from the store. 

Furthermore, Shopify lets you build brand recognition at every customer interaction as well as to analyze all your marketing activities to ensure they are effective. Some of the top features you want to look out for in Shopify include campaign designs and how much Shopify will let you do on a particular email marketing platform. 

Does this email marketing tool integrates seamlessly with Shopify? What you'll want to look for is:

  • Purchase behavior accessible in the email marketing tool (Klavyio, Drip)

For example, ActiveCampaign is favored for its onboarding and abandoned cart campaigns. Klaviyo on the other end is excellent at user segmentation based on purchase behavior whilst Privy does a great job at collect emails with forms. 

What Are The Best Email Marketing Tools For Shopify? 

The top best email marketing tools for Shopify according to the features they offer are as listed below


ActiveCampaign does a superior job with its sophisticated workflows and customer relationship management. Additionally, ActiveCampaign is favored for large eCommerce stores that are more likely to send complex automation and segment lists.

With ActiveCampaign, all contacts that make purchases or abandon carts are automatically added as a contact. This allows you to have a clear tracking of your store activities as well as to maintain proper CRM.

Try ActiveCampaign for free on your store for 14 days.


Klaviyo offers a wide selection of pre-built workflows. After all, as an email marketing tool, it is particularly built for eCommerce. 

Due to this, it features modern and quite intuitive email marketing templates with blocks to allow you to cater to particular customers based on their activities in your store. The workflows cover almost every campaign whether it's onboarding, abandoned carts, or post buying follow ups.


Sendinblue is the best email marketing for Shopify due to its low cost features. Sendinblue was originally designed as a transactional platform, thus, it still holds incredible eCommerce features. You can use it for conditional campaigns, for example, when you want to send emails based on the customer's duration as an active buyer in your store. Its transactional element allows you to send emails such as payment confirmations and order summaries.


Drip offers automation for even the smallest customer actions. For example, if you want to create responses to actions such as product views or canceled orders, Drip is the right platform. Since it integrates with Facebook, you can combine your targeted ads with Shopify automated campaigns. That’s the reason why they call it the Ecommerce CRM.


Omnisend mainly focuses on eCommerce and offers incredible automation for different stages of your customer's journey in your store. Omnisend offers special features such as scratch cards and gift boxes as well. 


GetResponse comes with useful predesigned templates for automation. These range from the regular abandoned cart and post-purchase emails to personalized recommended products in emails based on the customer's history of purchases or behavior in your eCommerce store. 


Using Privy will definitely increase your eCommerce revenue. This platform is significantly favored for its popups to collect emails on Shopify. Due to this design, Privy is great at reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions.

What Can The Best Email Marketing For Shopify Do?

The bottom line is that the best email marketing for Shopify should be able to create regular communication with customers. This is what keeps bringing your customers back. As a general rule of thumb, the email marketing tool you opt for should be able to do the following;

Send Promotional Emails Or Newsletters

For promotional emails, signup forms are what customize your campaigns. This is the chance to add text to reflect your branding and purpose. Your email template designs should also be attractive – they need to draw your customer’s attention when they land in their inboxes. 

The best email marketing platforms allow you to customize the templates based on your preferences. Automation is important as well. You want your email marketing platform to offer as many options. A good example of the platform that does this is Drip. For promotional emails, segmentation is important as well. . You don’t want to turn off your customers with persistent emails on products they are not interested in.

Send Transactional Emails 

Transactional emails allow you to build customer trust and let them know their expenditure. Plus, using good email marketing allows you to upsell and cross sell even when sending transactional emails. To create a long lasting impression, opt for a platform that allows you to customize and segment the emails as much as possible

How do they compare on pricing?

Let's see how do these 7 tools compare for the 1000 subscribers or contacts on the list. As they mostly use this pricing model.

Free1000 subscribersStarting at $29/monthStarting at $13/monthStarting at $20/monthStarting at $30/monthStarting at $25/month Starting at $15/monthEmail Service Providerfor 300 emails / dayPrice


Generally, the best email marketing for Shopify is one that can create a synergy and flow throughout its process. As established above, you want a platform that offers great form building, design templates, segmentation, and even automation. 

As a business, to grow awareness and increase revenue, the best practice is reminding your customers of your presence and the great product you offer at every chance you get – so extensive automation is very important. With any of the 7 best email marketing for Shopify above, you most certainly will significantly grow the revenue of your eCommerce store.  

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