Running your online store and a blog simultaneously on a single site is one way to increase visitor conversion rates. Using fresh, evergreen content offers a great way to direct your blog visitors into your store. However, to successfully do so without complex processes, you want to invest in the right app. We've shared with you our top picks for the best blog apps for Shopify to use this year. Let's see you grow your brand outreach and increase sales!

What Are Blog Apps For Shopify?

A Blog app for Shopify is designed to make it easy to craft blog articles. Using articles o your eCommerce site helps to draw more audiences and convert visitors into customers.   If you run an online store, it is always recommended to create blogs around the same context of your business to help draw potential customers.

What Are The Best Blog Apps For Shopify?

Here are the best blog apps for Shopify;


Blog Studio

The Blog Studio app features a drag-and-drop editor that helps you craft the best blogs without really needing advanced tech skills.  While the story entirely depends on you, Blog studio helps to make it stand out design-wise. The app features over 600 fonts and built-in components like headlines, buttons, and how it works.

You can even optimize your content by configuring tags, authors, SEO titles, and Meta descriptions. Blog Studio articles are also tablet and mobile-friendly. The app offers paid plans beginning at $8.99 per month and offers a 14-day free trial.

Blog Feeder- Blog Importer

As the name suggests, the Blog Feeder app is designed to import blog posts into your Shopify store and check your blog for new and updated posts. It then imports any detected changes and imports them into your Shopify blog automatically. This means that you don’t have to use a specific platform necessarily.

You can continue blogging using your favorite tools like WordPress, Tumbler, Facebook, or Pinterest. Thus, you don’t have to send customers to external blogs. All the app does is simply pull posts from your favorite platforms and import them right into your Shopify Store’s blog. To use the Blog Feeder app, you only pay a minimum of $9.99 per month.

DropInBlog - SEO Friendly Blog

The DropInBlog easily downloads and installs into your Shopify store with just a single click.  The app uses your site’s layout, color, fonts, and formatting to give your blogs a matching look, cutting down the unwanted manual design process.  Using this app helps to boost your blog’s SEO. In fact, you will enjoy SEO post analysis as you type to know exactly how you are doing.

Furthermore, the app allows you to take advantage of additional features like embedding your products in just a single clock. DropInBlog lets you enjoy essential features like image management, scheduling future posts, and adding videos/YouTube links. The app doesn’t offer a free plan. Paid plans start at $24 per month with a 14-day free trial.


Instablog - Auto Post To Blog

Using Instablog, you can automatically convert your Instagram post into a shoppable blog. The app helps create synergy across all your business platforms, eliminating unnecessary processes. In fact, the app doesn’t only convert posts. It can even convert Insta stories to blog content. The app also mirrors other aspects of your Instagram content, like pushing Insta comments into blog comments.

An ALT text image and hashtag features allow you to increase SEO and search ranking for your blog. It integrates with platforms like Instagram, Blog, Automate, Post, and Automation to increase the app’s efficiency. To enjoy this app, you will pay a minimum of only $2.99 per month and receive a free 15-day trial.

Blog Linker

The blog Linker app makes it easy to connect your products with your blogs. In turn, this helps to draw potential customers to the right products via your blog. Using the app is pretty simple. All you have to do is install it in your store using a small generated code snippet. The snippet is copied and pasted into your theme, allowing it to insert links that take the style of your theme.

You can even customize the link layouts, adding better descriptions and thumbnails. You can use the app in a tag matching mode, creating links between articles and products with the same tags. On the other hand, the fully random mode allows you to choose any products or articles to link. Blog Linker subscription costs $10 per month and offers a 30-day free trial.

Pro Blogger

The Pro Blogger app brings your blogging content closer to potential customers. The app integrates a series of features to boost conversion. The app offers tools to showcase the most relevant blog posts, featuring products in the blog and adding related content like reviews and recipes to your product pages.

You can even use a related products slider on your blog to encourage readers to shop in your store. Furthermore, the site boosts your store’s SEO by automatically building internal site links. Other features include blog image captions, customizable Pinterest pin it supports, review badges,its and vendor displays. Pro Blogger is quite cheap, costing you only $5.99 per month with a 10-day free trial.


Using the Best Blog App for Shopify helps to draw potential customers easier. It gives you a chance to get creative and share more about your business using more than just boring product pages. Using blog apps also helps to rank and increase traffic to your site much easier.

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