For small and medium-sized business owners, especially e-businesses, email marketing is an essential tool for driving sales and awareness about your business. So, it comes with no surprise, that you will find yourself in search of the perfect marketing tool for your business. In this comparison of ActiveCampaign vs AWeber, I have already established that both the two software are amongst the top best.

Therefore, our goal is to help you figure out which one of the two software is ideal for your business. Whilst both ActiveCampaign and AWeber boast incredible email marketing features and uses; they also boast significant differences.

AWeber Front Page

Before I dive into the rabbit hole to dissect their key features one by one, let’s first point out their inherent variances. In addition to their pricing difference, AWeber is generally a classic autoresponder style email marketing tool with some modern features such as tagging and segmenting tools.

ActiveCampaign on the other hand is a more rounded marketing automation tool with incredible email marketing features. It is perhaps popularized by its outstandingly powerful automation capabilities.

And this is just a mere fraction of what these two top software offer. So stick around and browse below through our detailed comparison of ActiveCampaign vs AWeber, so you can pick the perfect option for your business. 

Ease Of Use & Editor 

When it comes to the ease of use, both software are not exactly premium rated. Compared to AWeber however, ActiveCampaign requires a bit of prior knowledge in some concepts for the user to fully enjoy its benefits.

For example, if you know key concepts such as lead scoring, the ActiveCampaign interface is quite intuitive and user friendly. Yet, it doesn’t offer any form of information to fully transition you.

Additionally, many of the features on the ActiveCampaign interface are highly dependent on one another; which can sometimes slow down your tasks. For example, if you want to create a lead score, you will not be able to do so unless you have already set up a segment.

AWeber Editor

AWeber on the other hand is not as modern and intuitive when compared to many email marketing tools. Whilst it has a user guide that walks you through the processes the first time you use it, the process is not exactly user friendly or practical. Plus, its non-modern interface means that most of your tasks are manual and somewhat redundant.

Winner: Whilst both ActiveCampaign and AWeber lack the modern user interface experience, AWeber is a better business choice because it is simpler and requires no prior knowledge of any of the features you will be using.

Design and Flexibility 

ActiveCampaign is equipped with up to 40 pre-existing modern and responsive templates to choose from. The software also allows a great deal of editing to help customize your templates so you can reach your audiences more easily. In the templates, you can adjust layouts and type in HTML of your choice.

AWeber on the other end boasts up to 150 templates in different color themes. Yet, when compared to ActiveCampaign, AWeber templates are not as modern looking. The Aweber editing option is not also as flexible as the ActiveCampaign editor.

ActiveCampaign Templates

For example, you can edit layouts or change column numbers with ActiveCampaign templates. The AWeber templates, however, don't allow this.

Winner: When it comes to design and flexibility, ActiveCampaign and AWeber are a tie. This is because Aweber has more templates to choose from, yet, ActiveCampaign templates feature a more modern and responsive design. Additionally, ActiveCampaign editing is more flexible to allow you to customize them to meet your needs.

Email Marketing Features 

AWeber boasts strong email marketing features, but, one cannot say that they surpass those of other email marketing tools.  

The ActiveCampaign email automation is quite impressive as it allows you to monitor your website visitors and set email marketing programs that capture their behaviors and interests. For example, if your registered visitor is always searching about bikes, tents, or waterproof backpacks, you can send them automated emails about outdoor gear.

Drag and drop email editorBuilt-in automation templatesEmail and spam testingAWeber’s campaigns on the other hand are not as comprehensive as the ActiveCampaign features. The most you can do when it comes to capturing your registered users is to tag their interests and then, segment your email lists according to the tags.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Some of the common segmentation you can create on AWeber based on criteria and tags include:

Webpage visitedDate registeredSales amountLocation

Winner: ActiveCampaign takes the lead thanks to its more comprehensively designed features. The software offers the flexibility to customize your email marketing and automation even further.

Registration Forms 

ActiveCampaign extends its flexibility to registration forms. With this software, you can easily create and customize registration forms. Unlike other email marketing software, you get to enjoy more features with a more premium pricing plan on ActiveCampaign.

For example, if you subscribe to a lower priced plan, ActiveCampaign will still keep its branding on the registration forms. If you have a higher priced plan, you can also enjoy extra perks such as top of inline forms, floating boxes and bars as well as modal pop-ups.

AWeber Registration Form

AWeber forms are designed with numerous editing gimmicks. No matter the plan you pay for, you can enjoy added fixtures such as page redirects, videos, audio files, and fields in the forms.

You can also add details to your registration forms for a personal touch such as custom thank you pages. The only drawback to Aweber forms is that like their emailing templates, they are not as modern and attractive as ActiveCampaign forms.

Winner: Aweber brings a lot of customizable tools to the table, however, ActiveCampaign still takes the lead as it maintains its flexibility and of course, overall modern look!

Spam & Design Testing  

It is always wise to test the email design and test for spam before sending your campaigns to ensure the emails reach the inboxes and impact your intended audience. 

ActiveCampaign features both the ability to test your emails to see how they will look in your clients’ emails and spam checks to see if the emails will reach your clients’ inboxes. ActiveCampaign features the pass/fail test that gives you accurate email testing results. 

ActiveCampaign Testing Email

Whilst this feature is useful for standard and basic feedback, it will not offer detailed analysis or insight on the results. AWeber on the other end doesn’t have any email or spam testing features. However, for both ActiveCampaign and AWeber, you can also use third party email previewing services in different inboxes such as Gmail and Outlook. 

Winner: For spam & design testing, ActiveCampaign is the winner because it offers its own built-in email and spam tests.


If you want detailed data-based reporting, ActiveCampaign is definitely your tool. The comprehensive data reporting for ActiveCampaign gives you information such as opens, clicks, and unsubscribe numbers – enough information to know what to change in your activities.

However, ActiveCampaign doesn't give you event-based data. ActiveCampaign will not give you data such as subscriber growth, contacts that had a tag applied, or geographical layout of unsubscribed users (non-premium plans). Additionally, ActiveCampaign reports also miss out on significant eCommerce reporting.

ActiveCampaign Report

AWeber on the other end keeps the simplistic and basic spirit even in reporting. AWeber reports will only give you basic data such as opens, bounces, clicks, and domains to give you numbers of email providers you sent your campaigns to. Their advanced eCommerce data and geotracking can be a tad bit difficult to navigate for beginners.

Winner: ActiveCampaign's intuitive reporting and advanced features make it the winner. As a business owner, the one thing I see holding ActiveCampaign back in reporting is the lack of eCommerce reports.


Amongst email marketing software available, ActiveCampaign and AWeber are amongst the top picks because of their impressive email deliverability. Email deliverability measures the likelihood of your marketing emails to reach your subscriber’s inbox. As a business owner, you don’t want your email campaigns to end up in your subscriber’s spam or even worse, undelivered!

So, I conducted deliverability tests for both ActiveCampaign and AWeber on the same platforms to see how they perform.  In my tests, I used four different service providers to get well rounded and unbiased results.

ActiveCampaign Deliverability Report

The overall deliverability rate for ActiveCampaign was 91% whilst Aweber received 81%. Additionally, 87% of ActiveCampaign emails made it to the primary inbox whilst 20% made it to the promotions inbox for Gmail. For AWeber, the rates were 70.4% and 26.8% respectively.

The undelivered rates for both ActiveCampaign and Aweber were also very low at 1.3% and 1.7% respectively. Yet, whilst ActiveCampaign only boasts 3% spam deliverability, Aweber, boasts up to 17% of spam deliverability – the rate is still low compared to other email marketing tools but not as low as ActiveCampaign's rate.

You must also keep in mind that other factors within your emails such as design, also contribute to the deliverability rate. 

Winner: Whilst they both exhibit impressive deliverability rates and extremely low undelivered email rates, ActiveCampaign still leaves a significant gap in front of AWeber. So for email deliverability, ActiveCampaign takes the lead.

Integrations & Extras (Other Features)

The two email marketing tools are not very far away from each other when it comes to integration. In fact, both tools do quite well in integrations. Some of the notable integrations that both tools have include WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, PayPal, and Zapier.

ActiveCampaign also gives you API to allow you to build integrations with other software to customize your processes. However, whilst it offers integrations with more than 200 interesting apps, it also bears limitations within its users. This is because not all ActiveCampaign users are given the leeway to access all the 200+ potential integrations. 

AWeber Integrations

For example, you can only integrate with Shopify or WooCommerce if you are an ActiveCampaign Plus user. AWeber on the other end doesn’t have these limitations. It also has a customer solutions team that can assist you in integrations with other software that may not be on the native integrations list.

Winner: Both tools bear similarities in integrations qualities; however, AWeber takes the lead because it goes a step further to assist the user with a customer solutions team and doesn’t have any limitations.


Both ActiveCampaign and Aweber do quite well in the area of Customer support. ActiveCampaign provides live chat support 7 days a week as well as call and email support. If you reside in their headquarters city, Chicago, you can even get in-person support.

Other available customer support tools include one on one scheduled virtual support and training webinars. Their help button bot support is also there to help without having to leave the screen when you are using the software.

AWeber Support 24/7

AWeber offers 24/7 live chat and email support no matter your location or price plan. You can also call for assistance between 8 am to 8 pm, Eastern Time, from Monday to Friday. You can also find easy links to Aweber base articles that are relevant to the issue or feature you are struggling with.

Winner: Whilst both offer incredible customer support, AWeber takes the lead with its 24/7 live chat and email support.


Pricing is an important factor to consider when examining the ActiveCampaign vs AWeber comparison because it highly affects your decision. The pricing must match the value that you get from the software.

The lowest price you can pay for an ActiveCampaign plan is US$15 per month which gives you up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. Depending on your plan, you can also enjoy numerous discounts from ActiveCampaign. For example, if you opt to pay monthly for the lowest plan, you will pay US$15 per month.

However, if you choose to pay annually for the same plan, the actual price per month falls to US$9.  Before deciding to go for ActiveCampaign you can try it out. Whilst it doesn’t have a free basic plan, it offers a 14-day free trial to figure out whether or not to go for it.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber on the other hand also boasts a similar 500 subscriber-and-unlimited-email plan starting at US$19 per month. However, if you choose to pay for the same plan quarterly or annually, you can enjoy up to a 14.9% discount. Unlike ActiveCampaign's 14-day trial, AWeber offers a 30-day free trial.

Below is an extra comparison between the two software based on the same plans.

ActiveCampaignPlus Plan /MonthAweberStandard Plan/Month2500 contacts + unlimited emails$39$295000 contacts + unlimited emails$69$4910,000 contacts + unlimited emails$111$69

ActiveCampaignPlus Plan /MonthAweberStandard Plan/Month2500 contacts + unlimited emails$39$295000 contacts + unlimited emails$69$4910,000 contacts + unlimited emails$111$69

Winner: AWeber takes the lead. Whilst, ActiveCampaign begins at a low price, the prices increases as the subscriber number increases. Aweber offers up to 14% discount and a 30-day trial as well.

Feature Comparison Table – ActiveCampaign Vs AWeber 

When it comes to the overall functionality, ActiveCampaign takes the lead amongst the two. Whilst AWeber still bears strong features and usability, nevertheless, ActiveCampaign surpasses it in overall. Generally, AWeber is hurdled by its lack of modernity, especially in the user interface area.

Hitherto, it still triumphs in areas such as integrations and customer support. ActiveCampaign wins thanks to its experience in user friendly features and designs, although, some work can be done on the ease of use.

ActiveCampaignAWeberEase of use and editor3.83.9Design and flexibility4.14.1Email marketing features4.84.3Registration forms4.24.0Email and spam testing4.53.0Reporting4.54.2Deliverability4.94.2Integration and other features4.74.9Support4.85.0Price4.04.2Overall Rating4.434.18

ActiveCampaign Vs AWeber - Which Is Better? 

Now is the time we all have been waiting for– to finally decide which software wins. The ActiveCampaign vs AWeber comparison has filled us up on each tool's strongest suit and weakest point.  

It is wise to say that both ActiveCampaign and AWeber all boast incredible features and would add value to any e-business.  However, as we mentioned above, you have to choose one.

ActiveCampaign Dashboard

ActiveCampaign lets us down on the areas of ease of use and design as its main focus is to cater to experienced marketers. AWeber on the other end is presented as a mere offspring of ActiveCampaign as it tries very hard to surpass it. Sure, it boasts incredible features such as audio and video integrations in their forms, yet, its lack of modernity and comprehensive design takes away its glory.

AWeber offers impressive customer support and solutions to ensure your experience is as smooth and straightforward as possible. However, if you ask me personally, I am not willing to spend a few extra bucks on it if I can get ActiveCampaign at a lower cost. Sure, I will enjoy the prompt support from AWeber’s impressive support team, but, that doesn’t compare to the extra comprehensive features that come with ActiveCampaign.

AWeber Email Automation

And if your business solutions priority is automation and reporting, ActiveCampaign emerges as a significant contender. At the end of the day, your decision is affected by your experience and intuition; after all, it is your business. So, to make that informed decision, try out the ActiveCampaign 14-day free trial, AWeber's 30-day free trial or both, to really decide which tool works for your business.

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